Movie | Why is fear scary?

WARNING: This article is full of my grammar mistakes because English is not my first (and best) language; please help me to fix them by your comments. Thank you.

Monters, creatures, souls, ghosts, robots, dead people and the others… It is possible to increase these creatures which is always scary for us. I must tell that I’m in love with horror/thriller movies, but specially the thriller ones. Accoring to me it is also much fun to watch a movie which is included two different kinds in it like thriller and comedy together in a same movie. So you can ask how does it possible; I mean how can be possible for a movie to be a comedy movie but at the same time to be a thriller movie? Actually it is possible for me. Because I use to laugh when I watch a thriller or horror movie. Because these things always remind me funny things when I watch them and I don’t know why exactly. Maybe just because of I know these kinds of things can’t be happen in the real life, but also to watch and to feel them by movies is kind of fun.

You know this movie, right? Monsters, Inc. They are monsters, but they are stil cutes. The topic of it always sounds interesting to me and it makes me feel that I want to watch it again (for sure if I get a chance again to watch it, I’ll watch it.) Also I don’t think that the movie is enough to think it is so adventurous, but I appreciate the topic (I mean the subject of it).

However, it sounds interesting to me that monsters are actually humans in their real lives. May be they don’t want to be monsters in their special (or real) lives but circumstances made them like that. Why does such a thing (the monster fact) exist in the world? And where is “fear” word coming from? And actually there is no such thing as darkness, for me ıt is just absence of light. If you enter a bright field, you might not feel any fears. But if the same place gets dark, you might feel stressful, afraid or strained cuz’ you can’t see nothing because of darkness and you can not be sure if anything strange happens and then you can realize that you are assuming so many stranger things could be happening right there next to you while you were not seeing anything in there.  But actually there is nothing in there; this is just our imagination, unless there is no such thing as a serial killer who is following us during that time or something. Just for this reason, the darkness is much morew important fo a horror movie. Mostly, the horror things don’t happen in a bright field. And so we can see that fact for fantastic movies too. Usually fantastic movies are inspired from the “fear” word. Even we can see it in the first page of the Darren Shan’s books: “I used to be in love with fear when I was a little kid.” (or something like that, sorry for not remembering the whole sentence.)

Since therefore, we can understand that the fear is also a point of interest.

Fantasy, thriller and comedy… For sure, to see them all together in a same movie makes me happier to watch a horror film. For example a movie like: A Series of Unfortunate Events, or like: Goosebumps. May be they are not so much thriller, but the events are just like that. You can feel it when you watch them. And also you can see my favorite character Count Olaf in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Actually I didn’t read the books, I just watched the movie and to not read the books is a serious issue, I know that. But someday I believe that I can read it unless ıt is hard for  me to remember. But in the movie, Jim Carrey acts as Count Olaf, so I’m less worry about it.

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    1. First of all, I do thank you for your comment. But I need more explanation about subdomains, because I don't have an idea about them, thank you again.
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    2. You don't need to buy new domain. I am going to write a blog about this within 1 week. (I will do it this time; I promised you one thing also however I couldn't do it.)


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